Friday, June 20, 2014

Progressive leaders want Scotland in a European Britain

Prestigious leaders such as Menzies Campbell and Barack Obama have been very clear in the recent past in their support to Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom, and the UK remaining in the EU. Now the "No to independence" campaign in Scotland is receiving the support of another very prestigious progressive leader, the former Labour minister and veteran Scottish politician John Reid. Reid says that while the no campaign was not complacent, he believed that once voters focused on arguments around the advantages of being a member of the UK, such as financial stability, economic strength and social justice, in addition to the risks of separation over the currency, Europe, and the funding of pensions, "we will sensibly take a no vote on 18 September".
Reid said that “The crucial decision will be made by the ordinary men and women of this country. These are people who don’t stand on platforms, wave banners or make speeches."
"They go about their daily business, unheralded and unsung. They love their country as much as any Scot."
“The measure of your commitment to Scotland isn’t about flag waving or how many tweets you send. It’s about acting in the best interests of your country. And I believe that a No vote is in the best interests of Scotland."
Lord Reid spent time as Health Secretary, Defence Secretary, Home Secretary and Secretary of State for both Scotland and Northern Ireland under Tony Blair. He has also been chairman of the Labour Party and Celtic FC.

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