Saturday, January 6, 2018

This blog stops. The resistance continues

This is the last post of this blog. For more than six years, I have posted my comments about economics, politics, about my work as an academic and some of my readings. I feel it is time for a change. To introduce new things, the old ones have to end, even if the new ones are not born yet. The blog format makes possible communication, diffusion and also the self-organization of ideas in experimental form. It has been great fun, and I do not exclude at all to repeat the experience, perhaps under another title. I will miss it, and as a substitute perhaps I will start writing some private notes to keep my disorganized ideas somewhere. During the life of the blog, I have commented about the global financial crisis and the eruption of national populism. When I started, I would not have believed that the Brits would vote to leave the EU, that a dangerous clown would preside the USA and that Catalonia would be divided by a national-populist revolt. I have written about political economy, behavioral economics, public economics, sports economics or simply sports. The blog has witnessed terrorist attacks, but also signs of hope in the decline of violence, the organization of movements for redistribution and civil rights, and the rise of pro-European candidates to fight the extreme euro-phobic right. As the world changes, one modestly tries to understand it and to think about ways to (with others) make a difference and promote forms of collective action based on sound ideas. We should all try to contribute, even in the middle of difficulties, to give credible and sustainable hope to those that have fear or are vulnerable to it. That means fighting populism, corruption and inequality at the same time. Thanks for reading me.