Sunday, September 30, 2012

On-going research

I am making (slowly) progress on three fronts in my research:
-My paper with Daniel Montolio on regulatory federalsim in telecommunications has been accepted in Information Economics and Policy, subject to some minor final changes.
-I presented an interpretative survey on Behavioral Public Economics and Regulation in my Department last thursday. It's just a preliminary version, I have to work much more on it.
-On November 6th I will present at the University of Barcelona my paper with John J. García on takeovers in European energy.
What do these papers have in common (besides their slow production process)? Perhaps the consideration that the preferences of regulators are endogenous and context-dependent, in different ways, although when I started working on regulatory federalism and energy takeovers I didn't see it in this way. But I'm so slow that when I started I didn't know about behavioral economics. The first and the third paper can be downloaded in their current versions from my web page.

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