Friday, July 9, 2021

Good fights

(This is an English version of the short piece I wrote for "Alternativas Economicas" about "The Good Fight")

This TV series, which opens its fifth season this summer, narrates the vicissitudes of a law firm, known for their defense of people affected by racial abuses, and especially cases of police brutality in the city where it is based, Chicago. The firm "Reddick, Boseman & Lockhard" is the result of the evolution of the second generation of the founding family of the company, headed by Carl Reddick, with whose funeral the second season begins; they are joined by Adrian Boseman, the ex-husband of Liz Reddick, the founder's daughter, who joins the company after the death of her father; and Diane Lockhart, who comes from the series "The Good Wife", and who joins the company at the beginning of the first season (as a "diversity quota," as she describes herself, being the only white person among the partners of the law firm), after losing all her retirement money due to a financial fraud led by a close friend of hers who managed her savings.

The first four seasons of the series take place during Donald Trump's tenure as president of the United States, and the company of the protagonists reflects all the tensions of a time marked by destabilization and institutional crisis. The person who suffers the most psychologically from the despair of not understanding how things could have gotten so far with such a shameless president is precisely Diane, who resorts to drugs and conspiratorial groups against the alt-right to manage her obsession with the president and the new tendencies of the era of political disruption. In her marriage reconciliation process, it is essential for Diane to know, at the key moment of making a decision, whether or not her husband Kurt voted for Trump or not.

In "The Good Fight" the dilemma is posed as to whether to fight the political evils of our time, and especially the destabilizing and shameless national populism, we must resort to tools within accepted and established norms, or we must use all kinds of weapons to raise an effective battle. 

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