Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Friends that should hang their heads in shame

Ian Birrell has a nice article in The Guardian about his Brexiter friends that claim to be liberal. I am very sad to say that I have a similar feeling towards many friends of mine that still call themselves progressive and that support national-populism in Catalonia:
"How proud those liberal leavers must be as they survey this new world order, having done so much to foster the nationalist revolts. Still these people pose as optimists and rightly promulgate globalisation; but they must bear some responsibility for hitching themselves to forces of fear, then exploiting the concerns of communities buffeted by global forces and suffering from long-term government failures. These Brexiters played with fire by pandering to populism. And now the world is burning.
Instead of bridges being built, walls are going up around the west. Perhaps the liberal leavers will recant and apologise, but more likely they will find excuses and blame others rather than search their own souls. It pains me to say this, since some are my friends, but the truth is that if they really believed breaking from Brussels would lead to a more open nation and outward-looking world, they should hang their heads in shame for stunning naivety."

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