Monday, November 7, 2016

Thank you, Maria (and all decent Americans)

When my family and myself spent eight months in Berkeley (California) in 2008, we had a "host family." This was the Watt family, with Dennis and Maria Watt. Their generosity was unforgettable, and they represented for us the best of their society. In those days, Maria was an activist, always siding with the causes of solidarity and freedom. In the 2008 presidential campaign, she helped with the get out the vote drive in Nevada (if I remember well), because California was a safe state. In the recent past, we have learned that Maria has been losing memory. But we have not lost the memories of her hospitality and friendship. I have thought of her when I just read these words by economist and columnist Paul Krugman:
" the days ahead it will be important to remember two things. First, Mrs. Clinton has actually run a remarkable campaign, demonstrating her tenacity in the face of unfair treatment and remaining cool under pressure that would have broken most of us. Second, and much more important, if she wins it will be thanks to Americans who stood up for our nation’s principles — who waited for hours on voting lines contrived to discourage them, who paid attention to the true stakes in this election rather than letting themselves be distracted by fake scandals and media noise.
Those citizens deserve to be honored, not disparaged, for doing their best to save the nation from the effects of badly broken institutions. Many people have behaved shamefully this year — but tens of millions of voters kept their faith in the values that truly make America great." Maria has always been one of these. If tomorrow the USA makes history and elects the first woman as President it will be because the Marias of the USA have always been there. If the alternative prevails and we enter a dark, dangerous and hopefully short period of hate and division, we will all wish to forget like Maria, but will keep fighting from wherever we are to honour the values that she has spoused all her life.

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