Thursday, August 11, 2016

Two quotes and three links

Summer laziness makes it difficult to me to write any coherent post today, but I wanted to share two quotes and three links:
-Chris Dillow answered this to the question "Why do you blog?": "I'm arrogant enough to think I've got something worth saying, and stupid enough to think anyone cares."

-Karl Deutsch: “a nation is a group of people united by a wrong vision of the past and a hatred for their neighbours."
-This BBC documentary is a valuable insight on the referendum campaigns in the UK, both of the leave side and the remain side. It explains the role of emotions, the importance of the lack of conviction by the Labour leadership and the recklessness and arrogance of David Cameron.
-And these two articles in The Guardian explain, the first, why the British might prefer the conditions negotiated by David Cameron than whatever may emerge from the Brexit negotiations after article 50 is invoked; and the second, why it is a myth that the working class voted for Brexit (and why the truth is closer to the traditional model of the conservative managing to divide the working class -and voting nationalist themselves).

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