Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Romario keeps scoring goals

The former Brazilian soccer player and current member of Parliament in his country, Romario, has spoken at BBC World about corruption in the organization of the World Cup in Brazil. He was a legend on the pitch and he is not disappointing off the pitch. During his brief spell at FC Barcelona in 1993-94 he marvelled with his goals and the transparency of his behaviour and his ideas. Once he was asked if he was under stress, and he answered "how can I be stressed with the money I make?" After one and a half years in Barcelona, following the 1994 World Cup, he decided he had had enough of Barcelona, said it, and left for his country, where he has lived ever since. In the interview with the BBC, besides denouncing rampant corruption, he says that he wishes that the standards that are required for FIFA demands would be applied to things such as hospitals, schools and other public goods. When asked about his opinion about Pelé, the other soccer legend in Brazil and famous for his cronic proximity to power, Romario says that he respects him but that he is an imbecile because he does not respect peaceful demonstrators who are against corruption and in favour of social policies.

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