Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Catalan independence and the real world

A group of citizens sent the US White House a petition to support a referendum for Catalan independence. This is the kind response of the White House:
"Thank you for your petition regarding the people of Catalonia. The United States recognizes the unique culture and traditions of the Catalan region, but considers the status of Catalonia to be an internal Spanish matter. We are confident that the Government and the people of Spain will resolve this issue in accordance with their laws and Constitution."
Time to face reality and try something else (and better, like federalism).


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    1. Why is federalism too late? Who decides the expiry date of good ideas? There are even older ideas than federalism: justice, democracy, tolerance, solidarity, fraternity. Is it too late for them too? Why is it too late for us and not for the Canadian, the Swiss, the Australian, the Indian..? Is it too late for a borderless Europe? I was certainly born in Franco's time, and I know what it is to fight for freedom with our brothers of the rest of Spain, against the oligarchies of both Spain and Catalonia.

    2. (written by Xavier Roig)
      Yours is a very poor argument. When mentioning lack of respect of basic
      human rights are you referring to the USA or to Spain? In fact both are
      acknowledged democracies.
      In contrast with your position I tend to consider a serious lack or
      respect the attitude and behaviour of a Catalan government that, not
      having a mandate for it, is pushing a radical change in the status of the
      country which goes against a majority of its citizens.
      It’s particularly shocking and saddening to witness the drift of a modern
      country like Catalonia towards populism, anticosmopolitism, rural
      pressure and a calculated promotion of hate.
      Yes, I feel that the Catalan government and their ERC supporters don’t
      respect me as a citizen. Only some points:
      - We all as taxpayers contribute to a public media system which is
      absolutely partial.
      - A substantial part of the private owned media is heavily subsidized.

      - The chorus of support to the Government’s radical policies consists
      mainly of subsidized organizations, from Omnium Cultural to the Assemblea
      Nacional Catalana to mention but two of them.

      - Our government is promoting a gross manipulation of history with the
      1714 commemoration or the organization of a grotesque seminar on "España
      contra Catalunya" ("Spain against Catalonia"). Again with my taxes.
      All of this amounts to an enormous lack of respect.
      And a final suggestion. Why dont’t take advantage of the next holidays to
      indulge in the reading of Stefan Zweig’s The World of Yesterday/Die Welt von Gestern?

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    1. 1) It will be news to some of the 88 members of Parliament that you mention to know that they are in favour of independence. 2) You (not any one who walks the streets of Catalonia) would be surprised of what are the most common names in this plural land. 3) Spain is not Aznar, as the USA are not Bush. 4) In a democracy, the time for reconciliation and respect is not dictated by a single individual.

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