Thursday, October 11, 2012

Master in Applied Research in Economics and Business

Today we had the inaugural event of the new Master in Applied Research in Economics and Business at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This is a new Master of research of one year, fully taught in English, which results from the merger and evolution of two pre-existing masters: the one on applied economics, and one on business economics. The event has included two invited lectures, by Andrés Rius from Universidad de la República in Uruguay, and Paul Brewer from University of Queensland in Australia. Although they were a priori uncoordinated (one talking about institutions and investment, the other about globalization and poverty), surprisingly they have coincided in sending a warning to future graduates: be critical and skeptical of the work by other researchers. I hope their simple but persuasive words will be useful for our students. The latter include more than twenty persons from four continents, which we hope we can give a good learning opportunity.

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