Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Occupy Handbook (by Pedja dell'Arno)

Janet Byrne has collected an impressive list of contributions for the Handbook of the Occupy movement. It is a 535 page book with chapters by the best progressive minds in the world. I read already a few of the contributions, like the one by Acemoglu and Robinson, or the interviews with Robert Shiller and Emmanuel Saez. There are not only economists, but also journalists and political scientists. But mostly it is progressive top economists that argue in favour of political and economic reforms that put income distribution at the top of the political agenda. The book not only gives arguments for the US occupiers, but also for the Spanish "indignados" or for the Chilean students. There are excellent economists from the US, Chile, France... From Spain, none. The only contribution from Spain is by a decent Catalan political scientist in the University of Salamanca (Castilla-León, in the north of Spain), Salvador Martí Puig. Where are the Spanish salt-water economists?

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