Sunday, June 26, 2016

A lesson to Andrew Marr and the BBC

One of the things I've always admired from the UK is the BBC. This admiration has been eroded during the recent referendum campaign by the impartiality of the network between clowns and experts. This morning, the first edition of the Andrew Marr Show in BBC1 after the Brexit referendum, has been a clear and shameful example. In the section of the program devoted to commenting the headlines in the newspapers, Mr. Marr interrupted Polly Toynbee from The Guardian because she was mentioning the obvious lies of the Brexit campaign (the money "saved" from exiting the EU, the control of immigration...). He felt obliged to interrupt a prestigious journalist such as Mrs. Toynbee and tell her that the Remain campaign had also lied. She replied something like "here we have the BBC, on the one hand this, on the one hand that..." She should have been much tougher. The BBC should be first committed with the truth, and any objective, not impartial, observer, will akcnowledge that the amount and significance of lies in the Brexit side have been enormous. As Paul Krugman always denounces about the US media, it is not acceptable that they (especially collectively owned media) behave with impartiality between, for example, creationism and evolution. Andrew Marr should learn a lesson from journalists in the competing network ITV when they interviewed the soft fascist leader Nigel Farage and were appropriately tough on him for his lies. Populist referenda are so poisonous that they can even destroy the reputation of institutions that have done so much for democracy like the BBC.

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