Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Public Private Partnerships: the web

The web on PPPs of the Public-Private Sector Research Centre of the IESE business school is now public. A great deal of information on centres, publications and research tools on this important topic can be found in it. These partnerships are acknowledged to be an important source to improve the efficiency of public services, especially when they are combined with an infrastructure. Since private incentives work better in projects with a low number of dimensions, private operators can be focused on specific projects for a given time period under the control of public objectives. This tends to work better than full blown privatization. Of course, PPPs are no panacea, and they must be well designed and regulated, and they must avoid the risk of unfair and inefficient renegotiations. An important problem with them is the existence, potential or suspicion of corruption, as was explained yesterday by Elisabetta Iossa in an interesting workshop on this topic at IESE.

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